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Elena was born and raised in Rome. She is italian from generations.

Her family life later takes place between Lausanne, Buenos Aires and Rome.


She took on different activities and projects in fashion, wood restauration, furniture decoration and Argentinean artisanal production. She has been also actively engaged in a social project in Buenos Aires area.


Mainly self-taught, occasional courses and workshops inspired and enriched her path.

She applies several techniques and medias, often mixed. She likes having great freedom of action and expression of her creativity. She loves experimenting. The manufacture of most of her canvases, sometimes with old fabrics, precedes her creations as a meditative process.

For her, the possibility to go beyond figurative painting is a discovery. The vibration of strong colors, often complementary, recall the fabrics of the Andes, as well as the depth and intensity of the Mediterranean Sea. Her work and technique evolve by leaving more space to transparencies as well as traces. 

Elena develops her art by traveling her own routes, experimenting in her way, taking alternative paths, looking for answers to existential mysteries, and the knowledge of humans as well as herself. With an infinite curiosity, she chooses new itineraries, sometimes imaginary, sometimes mixed.


In 2017 her dream to have her own studio became reality. She settles down in the Loft  and animates different creative activities.  She also welcomes artists who complete her skills by enriching the cultural offers in Lausanne.


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